SSI G4 Camera

The device has an amazing multi-line color display.


The SSI G4 Camera is mounted to the inside of the driver’s side windshield with a mount on the camera allowing for adjustability on the windshield of the vehicle during installation.


The camera communicates through a 485 connection which plugs directly in to the SSI relay unit, also known as the logger and utilises a built-in USB connection for picture downloads. Picture downloads are performed during regularly scheduled service appointments via a secure application server.

By using the camera unit, Smart Start is able to positively identify the user of the device and minimize tampering, since a picture is being recorded. The device has several tamper detection features to prevent the user from covering the camera with tape or disconnecting it. When tampering is detected, the unit will send a message to the interlock aborting the test, thus preventing the user from starting the vehicle.


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