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The device has an amazing multi-line colour display.


Our goal was to develop an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) that does its job without broadcasting to the world what it’s doing.


If you miss an appointment, our Ignition Interlock Device (IID) will allow remote unlocking to avoid towing your vehicle to a service center.


With a low Ignition Interlock Device installation price and a low monthly monitoring fee, Smart Start offers one of the best values in interlock system cost.

As the best interlock device on the market, the SSI-20/30 delivers optimal value, design, and usability. No more straining your eyes on hard-to-read display screens. The SSI-20/30 interlock’s screen captures your results in a large viewing format. The sleek and discreet design fits comfortably anywhere in your vehicle. When you use the SSI-20/30, expect only the most accurate results so you never have to worry about false positive readings.

Complete video on HOW IT WORKS (10min)

The SSI-20/30™ is the latest in ignition interlock technology from Smart Start, Inc. It was developed to make installation, use and monitoring easier with a less-expensive and more discrete device. The SSI-20/30™ has been designed to work with our patented SSI G4 Camera and make use of the device which is easier for you to use.

Smart Start’s SSI G4 Camera is approximately 5.5cm x 4cm x 4cm and is mounted on the inside of the driver’s side window about halfway up from the dash. It records a picture of the user at the time of each breath test so Smart Start can see who takes each test and prevents the user from tampering with the camera.

After each breath test, the photo is stored along with the date, time and location of each test to sync with the SSI-20/30™ information log. The SSI-20/30™ interlock will effectively abort the test and prevent the user from starting their car if any tempering is detected from the device or the camera.

The SSI-20/30™ goes a step further to make it easier for the user, the unit is programable for blow/hum or no hum techniques, meaning users has the option of blowing into the device without needing to hum. In addition, it was designed to be more economical and discreet than the SSI-20/20™.


  • NSW RMS Camera for user identification
  • Compatibility with all vehicle makes/models
  • 24/7 Helpdesk on our 1300 256 900 number
  • Remote unlock capability via a 1300 256 900 call
  • Meets all NSW, RMS and Australian requirements
  • Alerts client of upcoming test time
  • Provides ample time to pull­over and test safely
  • Programmable in multiple languages
  • Alcohol specific fuel cell
  • Integrated heater for cold weather
  • Insurance for lost or damaged units


  • Easy breath alcohol testing
  • No need to suck back breath sample as is required by competitor devices
  • No ­hum options available
  • Quick installation and service
  • Reliable product tested over 10 years
  • Strong, durable and worry free

Feel free to contact us at 02 9398 7888 for extra informations.

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