Smart Start® Alcovisor® Satellite™

The Smart Start® Alcovisor® Satellite™ is an ideal solution for those needing an economical and portable breath alcohol test. The device is advanced enough to serve as a screener in an alcohol testing program, while also affordable and convenient enough for use as a personal testing device, giving the individual reassurance and security regarding their current condition. The device has a detection range of 0.00 to 0.40 BrAC and comes with a rechargeable battery, individual mouthpieces, and a USB power cord.


  • Alcohol specific fuel cell sensor
  • Up to 500-tests battery life
  • Recalls up to last 10-tests
  • No-hassle, 1-year calibration
  • Shows number of tests since last calibration
  • No records kept or transmitted
  • Portable; handheld; cordless device
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Built in flash light
  • Works as a power bank to charge other USB devices.


  • No mounting
  • No installation
  • No invasive cameras
  • No invasive GPS location tracking
  • Private unmonitored alcohol breath testing
  • Inexpensive personal alcohol testing
  • No need to be tethered to a charging cord.

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