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New Interlock FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Alcohol Interlocks NSW

  1. What do I need to bring to Interlock Sydney to have my interlock installed and get my NSW RMS licence back?

    Your eligibility for the interlock program letter from NSW RMS (Roads and Maritime Service) is the only paperwork we need.

  2. I have finished my licence disqualification time from NSW courts. What do I do now?

    Call 93988817, and we can advise you of the next step to get your NSW licence back and get you back driving.

  3. How long does the court-order alcohol interlock device take to install in my vehicle?

    The majority of the cars, if they are dropped off in the morning between 8:00 am to 9:00 am, the installed interlock will be ready for collection mid-afternoon.

  4. How long does the monthly service take to do on the interlock device?

    No appointment is required at Interlock Sydney as we do all services between 8:00 am till 4:30 pm Monday to Friday and 8:00 am to 10:30 am on Saturdays. Just drive in and wait in the vehicle, and we will do it as quickly as possible for you. The Interlock device service typically takes around 5 to 7 minutes. We accept all credit cards and cash.

  5. How much is a monthly interlock service?

    The monthly service is $175 per month.

  6. Can anybody drive a car that has an alcohol interlock in the vehicle?

    Yes, anybody can drive a vehicle with an alcohol interlock installed if they can use the device as required.

  7. Can a Service New South Wales RMS interlock device be fitted at my home or work?

    No, mobile service and installations cannot be done by law to install an alcohol interlock device. This can only be done at an NSW RMS-authorised business.

  8. Can I travel into a state with the court order alcohol and interlock device?

    Yes, Smartstart has agents all around Australia, but please check before you go to see where your name nearest service agent is.

  9. How long does it take to remove an alcohol interlock device?

    Remove the alcohol interlock device from your vehicle. Typically takes half a day if you drop it off in the morning. Bookings are required.

  10. Can I turn up without an appointment to have my interlock device serviced?

    Yes, no appointment is required.

  11. Has Interlock Sydney got a 24-hour helpline?

    Yes, at Interlock Sydney, you can call Smart Start Australia on 1300 256 900 for after-hours help with your interlock alcohol device.

  12. Can I have an alcohol interlock device fitted on my bike or scooter?

    Please call 9398 8817, and we can install it on the bike or scooter.

  13. Can you install an alcohol interlock device on my truck?

    Yes, please call to enquire about the installation cost and time.

  14. If my alcohol interlock device gets locked out, what do I do?

    Please call one 300 256, 900 and Smartstart will unlock the device, which you have six hours to return to the service agent to be reset.

  15. How much does an unlock code cost?

    If your device is locked out, it costs $55 to have it unlocked.

  16. If I violate the alcohol interlock device, how much does it cost to reset it?

    The cost of resetting your alcohol interlock device outside the service schedule is $66.

  17. Does a camera get installed on the windscreen?

    Yes, the camera only takes a black-and-white photo when you pass or fail.
    No video, audio or photos are taken when driving or sitting in the vehicle.

  18. Do I need the $ 5-a-month insurance for the interlock device installed in my vehicle?

    We recommend the $5 insurance included in the $175 service, as replacing the entire unit is worth thousands.

  19. Do you accept concession cards and health care cards?

    Yes, if you qualify through Center Link NSW and have a valid date, we can offer the discount accepted through the NSW RMS system.

  20. Do you accept the Salvation Army Financial hardship letter from the RMS?

    Yes, the letter must have a valid date and the correct content.

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